Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby with the One Eyelash's New Clothes

This sewing project represents my first-ever-sewing-from-a-pattern-experience. Gigi is baby crazy and I was dissatisfied with the paltry doll clothes offerings at normal stores (translation: I refuse to pay more for a doll's outfit than my own, especially since Gigi has been caught feeding her babies strained peas . . . with no bib!). So, in preparation for her birthday, Isaac and I went to JoAnn and chose some fun fabrics and patterns. Of course, I ambitiously thought I would make many more dresses than I did, and I have several more in my closet just waiting to be put together. In fact, this one was supposed to be for Rachel Bunny, who is quite a bit taller and broader than Baby With the One Eyelash (so named because Gigi pulled off the eyelashes on her right eye), but how can I possibly know what size the thing is going to be until it is finished? I know, I know, I could measure. But Gwendolyn cut up my tape measure weeks ago -- serves me right for storing the tape measure in the same box as the sewing scissors. The scissors at my house should be kept in a biometric fingerprint safe. Plus, measuring is a whole extra step, and I was just so excited to get started. Anyway, no one should fret over Rachel Bunny's nakedness: I discovered I could outfit her in Gwendolyn's 2T dresses and it takes a lot less time than sewing fancy things. It was fun to sew this, though, and the great sense of accomplishment that followed seemed disproportionate.