Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where to Begin?

I never know where to begin when I have let things go. And now more than ever. So I will begin where we are and work backwards I suppose. Any other way is just too overwhelming.

I spoke in church today. Dirk was called to the bishopric so I have him to thank for that. It has been years since I spoke in church and today was especially difficult with all we have been through in the last five months. But I think it went okay. I cried more than I like to, but what are you gonna do?

The house plans roll forward. I cannot believe how long it takes to design a home.

Summer is winding down. The best part of summer was swim team. I found I really needed the structure and socialization of it every day. And the kids did amazingly. Isaac and Gigi are at a point where they are winning races and it is very exciting. This was Brody's first year swimming and the poor kid appeared to be drowning all summer and actually got slower during the later meets. But at finals he dropped five seconds off his freestyle time and more than seven off his backstroke! I was so proud of all of them. Here is a photo of Gigi and friends from their luau-themed meet.